Five pound (5 lb) duckling;

Salt and black pepper;

One cup orange juice;

One cup chicken bouillion;

One-half (1/2) cup seedless raisins;


One small glass currant jelly

(Optional:  Red Wine)

Cut duckling into portions and wash and pat dry;

Brown pieces in hot Dutch Oven and season with salt and pepper to taste;

Add orange juice, consome and raisins;

Cover and cook in oven at 300 degrees fahrenheit;

Remove duckling to a hot platter and skim off as much fat as possible from the gravy;

Add currant jelly and mix so that jelly melts into the gravy.  Combine the flour with cold water, mixing slowly to make a light paste (about 1 tablespoon of floor for each cup of sauce).  Slowly add the paste to the gravy until it thickens slightly. 
Pour thickened sauce over duckling and serve (you may add a dash of sweet Red Wine to the sauce, if desired).

Serve the duck hot garnished with glazed oranges and crisp watercress and hot French Bread; a cool green salad would also make a delightful complement to this delicacy. While Duck recipes may be rare in Southwestern cuisine, they are a favorite among sportsmen and duck is a featured mainstay of French Cuisine.  It is also a unique alternative to turkey, chicken or ham as a Holiday Treat.  Special Thanks to Eva Medina for providing a recipe that gives even kitchen novices a chance to prepare a dish with a continental flair!